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Rain Dance

19 Dec

It was one of those days: You know, those once in a blue moon 24-hour Murphy’s Law Days completely dedicated to fighting the elements.

My white flag was waved when I arrived at my evening gig soaked to the bone, bra and all. I still don’t know whether to blame my missing umbrella, my genius decision to simply walk to the mall rather than wait an extra 10 minutes for the next shuttle, or the rain men who saw fit to start a monsoon-worthy downpour when I was literally smack, dab and in the middle of nowhere with no place for shelter. Continue reading


Pearl Harbor Baby

7 Dec

Happy birthday to meeeee!  Today, December 7th, I celebrate 23 years of crazy, beautiful life.

A date when I’ll pop champagne, eat cake and have the whole world  at my feet.

Ok, so, realistically, most of today will be spent working with clients who could care less.

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Sale is a Four-Letter Word

3 Aug

Disgust swept across her face as she eyed the tiny sticker.

“I bought this shirt two weeks ago at full-price,” the raven-haired beauty stated to no one in particular, her words laced with hints of Spanish.

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