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Drawer of Misfit Clothes

23 Nov

curtainAs the calendar charges full speed ahead to Thanksgiving, a holiday famed for leaving everlasting leftovers, I want to press pause and rewind back to October 31. That $7.6 billion dollar holiday definitely has a few leftovers of its own. Not just the cheap, molding candy. I mean a drawer-full of costumes from yesteryear that I have no idea what to do with. I can’t be alone: American adults spent over $1 billion dollars on costumes this year. Much more than we did on the kiddos, which says a lot. But what happens to costumes after their night in the limelight? Continue reading


Chocolate Aspirin

6 Oct

There are the best of times, there are the worst of the times; And then there’s the perpetual war my body wages against me once a month, also known as periods. I know, it’s a touchy topic. One I usually mask myself. Frankly, I prefer a week-long rant against stupid Eve. Loads of sleep. A diet of anything chocolate, anything aspirin and tea, namely peppermint. And warm fuzzy socks. Continue reading

The Cost of Independence

20 Sep

“You’re treating, right?” I asked with caution. The words awkwardly tumbled from my lips. It’s a question I have never had to ask a guy before. It was always assumed, implied in his request for an evening on the town. But with this guy, things were different. Continue reading

Superwoman’s Kryptonite

12 Aug

Perhaps, I’ve seen one Law & Order episode too many. But while waiting on the downtown corner for the red light to change, the black luxury car pulling up at the intersection sent chills up my spine. I glanced its way as the driver beckoned a young, black girl to the window, asking for directions. As she offered him her version of the best route to the freeway, he interrupted and said something that made her giggle and say thank you.

“Because I don’t know you,” she responded coyly when he offered her a ride. Continue reading

Corporate Hair

22 May

I strained to catch the recruiter’s words as he rattled off the list of do’s and don’ts for the interview.  White or pastel button-downs only: No loud colors. Suits must be black, gray or navy.  Pinstripes were banned.  For women, absolutely no pantsuits, he continued. Skirts only. Apparently, in Texas, women in pantsuits aren’t taking seriously. He followed with mandates regarding hair: Absolutely no braids or twists, he bellowed, as he surveyed the room.  Continue reading

Kitchen Escapades

18 May

Dip. Roll. Shake. Drop. Flip. And Repeat. This was the dance of the shrimp last night as I coated each little critter and fried it to a golden crisp. Cooking has never been my thing. Rerun childhood episodes of  teachers sneering, “What’s cooking, Cook?” will do that to you. (Eyeroll.) Cooks certainly isn’t the world’s worst last name, but it does come with high expectations.

Continue reading

Sale is a Four-Letter Word

3 Aug

Disgust swept across her face as she eyed the tiny sticker.

“I bought this shirt two weeks ago at full-price,” the raven-haired beauty stated to no one in particular, her words laced with hints of Spanish.

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