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School of Gridlock

24 Nov

roadrageTraffic is simply part of most American commuters’ workplace reality: According to TAMU’s 2012 Annual Urban Mobility Report released back in February, we spend the equivalent of a full work week a year glaring at another driver’s license plate. Talk about road rage. During my time stuck in a little Ford Focus with a certain omniscient amphibian plastered to it side, I’ve conducted a little research of my own: How to navigate the wild, wild west of terrible traffic. Continue reading


Apple Pie, Hot Dogs & Baseball

29 Apr

Who can dispute America’s  trinity?

Isaac Newton’s red muse tucked and steaming inside a flaky golden crust. A fusion of every meat scrap from the butcher’s floor laid a bed of bread. And the manna from sports heaven, baseball. All things beautiful and wholesome and, yes, American, are linked to this longsuffering game of tosses, catches and swings.

Or is it?

Continue reading


28 Mar

“Payless shoes ain’t go no grip, make you fall and bust your lip.”

This childhood chant certainly didn’t lift my confidence as my yellow Payless tennis’ slipped and slid along the mud-caked mountainside. After trekking through a section of the Great Wall of China, my classmates and I were offered a challenge: All who dared could hike up the side of a nearby mini-mountain to watch the sun rise. I tossed and turned on the large rock-hard bed that I shared with my three bunkmates in the Chinese village. Why not I figured, finally allowing the fear of missing out of on a once in a lifetime opportunity outweigh my unease about taking a virginal stab at hiking. Continue reading

Black Russian

12 Oct

“Order a White Russian,” a friend suggested over the pulsing beats of the club. The name made me giggle. A White Russian?  Now, that’s redundant, I mused. I had just spent a month in St. Petersburg. Though I certainly wasn’t the lone brown speck in the beautiful city, it often seemed that way. Continue reading