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21 Sep

“Ah-pe-yee-do?” I read, dragging the word out in a way that would make any Spanish teacher cringe.

“Doesn’t that mean last name?” I asked the CVS cashier who had just handed me a reward card application. . .in Spanish, and pointed out the areas I needed to fill in.

I was embarrassed. Not only had my three years of high school Spanish failed me, but I was being reminded of its loss in a public. Can’t I get a frigging form in English?

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NOW Hear this. . .Texas Legislators,

6 Apr

“The easiest way to give up your power is to believe you don’t have any.”

I reflected on these words as news of the House’s skeletal budget grazed my ears Monday morning.

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A Super LetDown

3 Feb

The words of ex-Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman echoed from the screen, bidding North Texas residents to play nice with SuperBowl guests, like a mother warning her children through clenched smiles to behave in front of company. Continue reading

Band Geek? I Don’t Think So.

13 Oct

The drum majors strut out onto the field, tooting their whistles as the rest of the band follows.  The drum line begins, the drum majors rock their bodies to the beat as each section takes its cue and joins in.  Ahhhhhh. . . I love the sound of band in the morning.

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In A Fair State of Mind

7 Oct

Last week, I was officially baptized Texan.

It didn’t occur at church.  Or work.  Or while traversing Downtown Dallas.

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