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Olympic Claim to Fame

13 Aug

“Google me. I was in the Olympics,” the muscled gent oozed as he extended his hand. I know it’s cheesy, but I couldn’t help teeter as I stood in the parking lot, floored to be meeting an athlete ambitious enough to compete against the world. Who cares that he didn’t win? Most participating  athletes will never have the chance to gnaw into a medal of their own

Take the London games. Less than 10 percent of the 10,000 participating athletes will tow a medal home. For people like the boastful boxer, memories must suffice. They return uncelebrated to the anonymity of their everyday realities, with only the smallest waft of victory yet taunting their nostrils.  It’s still an accomplishment; Most of the world’s 7 billion occupants could never stand a chance. I certainly couldn’t. But I had loved watching others try.   Why do they do it? Fame? The challenge? The satisfaction of being able to declare yourself temporarily the world’s best?
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Cold Turkey

23 Nov

The bulging laundry bag and scattered papers refused to be ignored any longer. Thanksgiving Break, with the canceled meetings and extra time falling into my lap meant cleaning was bumped from the backburner. Continue reading

Let’s Go Power Rangers

12 Oct


There are some new heroes in town.

Ummm. . .they can’t fly.  Or run faster than a speeding bullet.  Or shoot lasers from their eyes.

But they wield bats.  Wear something eerily close to tights.  And have come to save the folks of Dallas from another year of pitiable sports teams.  Continue reading