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He Who Laughs Last. . .

30 Jun

Perhaps you’ve met Ranjit and Chad, the Indian pitchmen for Metro PCS who use strong accents, offbeat humor and a catchy ethnic soundtrack to sell the phone’s services. While many debate whether or not the campaign’s stereotypes are racist, offensive, or in bad taste, I don’t ask that question. On the surface, they are all of the above. But once viewers realize the true significance of Ranjit and Chad’s slapstick routine, they’ll see that it’s the duo and their Southeast Asian brothers and sisters who are getting the final laugh. Continue reading


Kitchen Escapades

18 May

Dip. Roll. Shake. Drop. Flip. And Repeat. This was the dance of the shrimp last night as I coated each little critter and fried it to a golden crisp. Cooking has never been my thing. Rerun childhood episodes of  teachers sneering, “What’s cooking, Cook?” will do that to you. (Eyeroll.) Cooks certainly isn’t the world’s worst last name, but it does come with high expectations.

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The Veiled Crusader

18 Nov

Hustle and bustle characterize Monday mornings on the train.  The whole phenomenon is intriguing: Hundreds of riders heading to various destinations sharing the same air in intimate proximity — doing all they can to maintain a sense of personal space.

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