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24 Jul

 “What do you think would happen first: a hamburger on the menu, or a Chick-fil-A opening on a Sunday?” Ad Age writer Ken Wheaton quizzed Chick-fil-A Vice Prez of Marketing David Salyers back in 2010.

“Definitely a hamburger on the menu. Not even close,” Salyers replied.

“There are more important things in life than just selling another chicken sandwich, or making another dollar.”

A company where a marketing executive can say unflinchingly that honoring the Sabbath is more important than the bottom line definitely stands out from the crowd. Continue reading


Church Girl

23 Oct

I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. Its wrinkled pages, discolored with time, are lined with scribbles and stickers, highlights and underlines. Whole chunks of chapters are on the verge of falling out. I really need to get a new one, I thought as my eyes scanned a randomly selected page: James, the first chapter. I chuckled bitterly at God’s sense of humor as I read verses 23 and 24. Continue reading

Selling God

15 May

1. A crisp twenty dollar  bill  was nestled inside the pages of my library book. Just as thanks of praise to the heavens left my lips, I paused. Something wasn’t right. Once I unfolded the gift, I saw that it was 3/4ths the size of the typical Jackson.

I flipped the money on its back for further examination.

“Disappointed?” it read, “Jesus won’t let you down.” Then the counterfeit bill reassured me that God would give us the things money can’t buy.

  Continue reading

“All Art IS Advertising”

2 Mar

“Interesting. . .” I muttered aloud as I step back from the giant paint-splatter canvas to get a better view.  Twisting my head this way and that, I fruitlessly try to draw meaning from the abstract piece–as though viewing it from a certain angle will make the real message of the painting magically appear. Continue reading