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Chocolate Aspirin

6 Oct

There are the best of times, there are the worst of the times; And then there’s the perpetual war my body wages against me once a month, also known as periods. I know, it’s a touchy topic. One I usually mask myself. Frankly, I prefer a week-long rant against stupid Eve. Loads of sleep. A diet of anything chocolate, anything aspirin and tea, namely peppermint. And warm fuzzy socks. Continue reading


How Convenient!

20 Dec

In a world where fast food and email reign supreme and everything is available at the touch of a button or screen, I can’t help but think humanity’s quest for the fast, easy and convenient bears some effect on our personal relationships.   

It certainly bears weight on mine. Continue reading

Cold Turkey

23 Nov

The bulging laundry bag and scattered papers refused to be ignored any longer. Thanksgiving Break, with the canceled meetings and extra time falling into my lap meant cleaning was bumped from the backburner. Continue reading