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Giggles on the Rocks

11 May

Funerals aren’t supposed to be funny. But inches away from my grandmother’s coffin, I yearned for a crumb of comic relief. Somebody please tell a good joke.

I zeroed in on the woman front row and center in the choir whose tongue was bright blue from recently departed blowpop. Every time she opened her mouth to sing, the sight of it made me tap my cousin and little sister, point like a five-year-old and chuckle. Or the teenaged gents from the funeral home marching down the aisle like the drum majors in my high school band to place a replica of a crown near her hand. What teenager works at a funeral home anyway? I wondered how they told their friends flipping fries at McDonalds or hocking goods at the mall what they did on the side. But hey, insurance isn’t the most glamourous job in the world either, is it? Continue reading



12 May

“Happy Mother’s Day,” the driver chirped as I descended the bus’ steps outside the college. The comment made me pause. I’m not a mother. Not yet anyway. I almost had the mind to correct him: Instead, I smiled and offered thanks.  No harm done, right?

Tomorrow is two years shy of the centennial celebration of America’s mothers. The national holiday was signed into law in 1914 by Woodrow Wilson.  But whenever the holiday is mentioned, the memory of Anna B. Jarvis haunts the saying. Continue reading

Day of the Afterthoughts

19 Jun

This year, Father’s Day and Juneteenth fell on the same date. Coincidence? I think not. Synching the holidays celebrating the emancipation of Texas slaves and dads across the nation is quite fitting. Both holidays celebrate history’s forgotten. Continue reading

It’s All About the GREEN: Looking Beyond the Emerald Haze

2 May

Last week, the world paused to celebrate Earth Day, a day to offer special recognition to Mother Earth, the nurturer of all.  And everyone took part.  In our campus pub, I even chugged an organic beer in her honor.

Continue reading