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The Cost of Independence

20 Sep

“You’re treating, right?” I asked with caution. The words awkwardly tumbled from my lips. It’s a question I have never had to ask a guy before. It was always assumed, implied in his request for an evening on the town. But with this guy, things were different. Continue reading


A Man and His Clothes

20 Oct

“The clothes don’t make the man.”

This phrase is oft quoted to inspire others to look beyond a person’s outward appearance.  But does the same notion apply to a man sporting a purse and heels?

A routine phone call last week to my little sister, a current freshman at Clark-Atlanta –a school nestled cozily between Morehouse and Spelman,  ended  with a rather odd mandate: “You need to look up this Vibe article,” she stated.  “It’s been shaking things up around here.”

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Burger King: Is Banning Women from the Kingdom a Smart Strategy?

10 Mar

Burger King abandoned its attempts to appeal to the general public years ago.  Seeking to carve out a unique niche in the burger market, the company has invested all of its eggs in targeting males between the ages of 16 and 25.

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