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Kids (Really Do) Rule

17 Jun

I was one of a quarter million who braved the scorching Texas sun to go to the Mavericks parade. Crazy? Perhaps.

But the event drew fans like honey. Dallasites young and old swallowed car exhaust and sunrays in hopes of catching a glimpse of the NBA’s conquering heroes.   My mom, cousin and I arrived two and half hours early and nabbed front row seats to the action.

After gathering a morning’s worth of evidence, I would like to propose that “like a kid at a parade,” be added next to “like a kid in the candy store,” in the world’s book of analogies. Being trapped in a crowd of standing adults sounds like the makings of  childhood nightmare. Oh contrare. Their tiny sizes are all access passes to the best seats in the house.

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Abracadabra. . .Champions?

14 Jun

The frenzied clack of computer keys echoed as horns and screams spilled into my bedroom window. Yawn.  The Mavs did their job. And I must do mine. The clock read 9:00 a.m. when I finally clicked send Monday morn.

But the sleepless night could not mar the Midas bubble encircling the city. We are champions, darn it. And everyone was feeling golden. Continue reading

Choke City Hopes to Rewrite History

2 Jun

Choke city. Thanks to the 2006 finals in which the Mavs lost to the Heat, that’s Dallas’ well-deserved nickname.

The city and its residents swallowed the bitter pill of defeat along with the Mavs five years ago. I can’t stomach it again.

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