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Oh Alcohol. . .

18 Jul

Adults in a liquor store are like kids in a toy store. The analogy is even more obvious in a former Toys’R’Us with shelves  lined with wine, beer and hard liquor instead of Legos and Barbies. Surrounded by countless bottles gave new meaning to the age-old song “99 bottles of beer on the wall.” From afar, they all looked the same. Nothing but filled bottles. A mere commodity. Continue reading


Selling God

15 May

1. A crisp twenty dollar  bill  was nestled inside the pages of my library book. Just as thanks of praise to the heavens left my lips, I paused. Something wasn’t right. Once I unfolded the gift, I saw that it was 3/4ths the size of the typical Jackson.

I flipped the money on its back for further examination.

“Disappointed?” it read, “Jesus won’t let you down.” Then the counterfeit bill reassured me that God would give us the things money can’t buy.

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Sustaining Buzz

3 Nov

Michael Jackson’s scarecrow rendition of “You Can’t Win” echoed through my mind today as my thoughts fell on the Ranger’s World Series’ loss.  The song is the evil mantra that keeps knocking Texas teams a hair shy of glory.

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Battle of the Box Office Bandits

3 Nov

We last left our aging hero in the gutter, abandoned by  fans for a new-wave of rental providers–providers that were swifter, more convenient and less expensive. Dismayed by the new arrivals, Blockbuster seemed unable to adjust to the New World Order: Anchored to its old model of renting, the company quickly sank into oblivion. This holiday season, however, things are turning around.

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New Balance 365: Is it Sneaker Overkill?

9 Mar

New Balance is shining the spotlight on its new spring and summer shoe collection through a series of daily short-films.  Will the move bring the collection fame or will the overexposure prove to be career suicide? Continue reading

Pepsi’s Plunge into Social Media

8 Mar

Pepsi Refresh Initiative AdvertisementWhen Pepsi announced its decision to sit on the sidelines of this year’s Super Bowl, doubts mounted.  Did the rash move pay off?

Forgoing its 23-year legacy of Super Bowl Advertising, Pepsi delegated the $20 million that would normally be used for the procurement and creation of 30 second ads to a series of grants.

With the mission of “refreshing the world,” Pepsi allows customers and users to submit project ideas in one of six categories (Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet, Neighborhoods and Education) in which site visitors can vote on their favorite ideas.

In theory, the campaign is a great idea.  Pepsi will simultaneously receive valuable (and free) marketing research about what social causes matter most to its customers and will build another differentiating advantage that will boil down to customers’ decision at the point of purchase.

Implementation is key. Continue reading