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Return of the DART Queen

18 Nov

DFWDARTFor the first time in a year, I rode the train last night. Clad in a short sweater dress, knee high boots and thigh high fishnet stockings, I should have known better. As soon as I crossed the platform to nab a ticket, a man approached. Hs words I don’t recall: I just remember the sense of my personal space being invaded. I summoned my toughest sass and asked him to back up. He complied and began to ramble about how he wanted to know my name so he could tattoo it on his neck. Continue reading


The Perfect Smile

20 Oct

smileBefore I even reached the cash register, I stared at the items cradled in my arms: black leatherette lace-up gloves, golden lace gloves, suede feathered elbow bands and a ginormous bag of Pirate’s Booty I planned to devour as soon as I left the store. I’m not sold on the black gloves, I admitted before “Mommy! Mommy!” interrupted my thoughts. I glanced towards the basket where she sat. Plaits swinging, head twisting side to side with arms uplifted, her “Mommy, mommy” song continued even though her Mom stood inches away. As soon as the mom took a step or two away, her chorus resumed. Continue reading

Pen Thief

11 Mar

pen_1Stolen is such a strong word. When it comes to pens, I prefer something a little less evil. Certainly the theft of a little writing utensil is on a different scale than the theft of a purse, card or car.

Especially if the owner never realizes it’s gone. I first realized I had a pen problem nearly three years ago when I was working at Paul Quinn College. Continue reading

Fighting the Wind

20 Sep

Some of life’s greatest battles are fought far away from the world gun powder and fatigues. Instead they are against nature’s bullies. Wind, rain, fire, etc.

Seriously, how do you fight an opponent you can’t touch? Invisible, omnipotent forces make a heck of an enemy. I witnessed it firsthand as I watched tennis talent Serena Williams struggle against the swirling winds on the Arthur Ashe Court in this year’s U.S. Open Finals. The wind openly mocked her. It tussled her skirt and converted her usual one-hitter quitter aces into technicals as they crashed into the net or sailed out of bound.

About ¾s into the match, I watched as an obviously frustrated Serena morphed into one who had finally accepted the wind’s presence and adjusted accordingly. It was amazing. And she went on to win. How many of us are like Serena, knowing things are beyond our control but burrow their heels and fight against the inevitable anyway. It’s fruitless and a complete waste of energy. Continue reading

Double or Nothing

25 Jun

Sirens wailed as I paced up and down the alley. I promised myself I’d never come back here. Add that to the long list of promises now smattered to pieces. My heels panged against the uneven pavement as my thoughts weighed the insanity of it all. How a 4th grade math teacher ever ended up owing $50,000 to a bookie is one equation that will never add up. One ill-placed bet was all it took to lose more than I make in a year. But if I go through with this, my debt could magically disappear: It’s a gamble I couldn’t afford not to make. Continue reading

Rain Dance

19 Dec

It was one of those days: You know, those once in a blue moon 24-hour Murphy’s Law Days completely dedicated to fighting the elements.

My white flag was waved when I arrived at my evening gig soaked to the bone, bra and all. I still don’t know whether to blame my missing umbrella, my genius decision to simply walk to the mall rather than wait an extra 10 minutes for the next shuttle, or the rain men who saw fit to start a monsoon-worthy downpour when I was literally smack, dab and in the middle of nowhere with no place for shelter. Continue reading

Little Things

7 Dec

I woke up this morning at 5, surprised to find myself curled up on the couch in the living room.  Yesterday’s 10 -5 shift at the mall and an evening gig covering a local arts event had taken its toll. Around 10 p.m., I entered the warm house, ate and collapsed to the tune of “Stepping to the Bad Side” from DreamGirls lulling in the background. Continue reading