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Apple Pie, Hot Dogs & Baseball

29 Apr

Who can dispute America’s  trinity?

Isaac Newton’s red muse tucked and steaming inside a flaky golden crust. A fusion of every meat scrap from the butcher’s floor laid a bed of bread. And the manna from sports heaven, baseball. All things beautiful and wholesome and, yes, American, are linked to this longsuffering game of tosses, catches and swings.

Or is it?

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Toyota: Making Lemonade from Lemons

9 Mar

Toyota Trademark

“Never kick a man when he’s down.”

Don’t kick a company when it’s down either.  The recent outpour of support for Toyota in the midst of the recall controversy shows that consumers will rush to a company’s rescue when it is being bullied.  According to The Big Money, Toyota’s Facebook “fan base has actually grown by nearly 10,000 since the recall was announced.”

And instead of reflecting a Toyota pounding-session, where the conversation is dominated by the outraged and the disheartened, the Facebook page of the shamed company seems to reflect a mixture of anger and sympathy, with some loyalists vilifying the media for “over-hyping the recall.”

Across the world in Toyota’s birthplace of Japan, many locals echo this sentiment.  Continue reading