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Dealing Life’s Cards

2 Jun

Bees in a hive. That’s what life feels like at times to me. A place filled with beings with interchangeable faces and limbs, each trying fruitlessly to declare to the world his or her unique value. But what separates one from another? Several years ago, in London, surrounded by fellow theatre lovers, I learned the answer. Continue reading


Stranger on a Plane

13 Dec

Planes are flying boxes of chocolate: You never know what you’re going to get. When travelling to a destination layered with layovers, the odds are against you. The likelihood that you’ll land a seat next to that one type of person that you spend your entire life trying to avoid double. My flight to Las Vegas was a perfect example. Continue reading

Spelling Lesson

6 May

Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.” Carl Jung


“V-A-L-E-T: VALET,” a young mother taught her little girl as they tottered up the pathway to the Tex-Mex restaurant: Now, that’s a word at the top of every kid’s vocabulary list. I chuckled as I jumped out of the car as watched the men in ruby red vests scurry to park it. I wondered how many other girls five years and younger age could spout the word “valet” in a sentence. How often does it show up in the average adult’s mouth?  

Then I wondered what words my parents deemed essential at that age? Continue reading


28 Nov

“I feel like a used condom,” one government official mused upon learning that he had been manipulated by another in R. W. Johnson’s South Africa’s Brave New World. I have been working on this 600-page book since the sticky days of summer, flipping through its dense, but well-written highlights of the flagrant acts of nepotism and corruption in the “rainbow” country post-apartheid in stops and starts. Continue reading