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Working Out Never Felt So Good

5 Sep

Bach blared from my car’s windows as I exited the freeway. Feet tapping the brakes, I slowed at the stoplight. Whispers from a neighboring vehicle’s  radio rode the breeze.

“Starships are made to fllyyyyyy,” sang the wind.

Moments later my classical music was supplanted by the beats and rhythm of Nicki, as I frantically began tuning the radio to my neighbor’s station.

 I waited until his jeep passed by when the light turned green to blast the song, singing along excitedly with my fists in the air.

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Battle of the Box Office Bandits

3 Nov

We last left our aging hero in the gutter, abandoned by  fans for a new-wave of rental providers–providers that were swifter, more convenient and less expensive. Dismayed by the new arrivals, Blockbuster seemed unable to adjust to the New World Order: Anchored to its old model of renting, the company quickly sank into oblivion. This holiday season, however, things are turning around.

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Costumes, Candy and Christians

2 Nov

It seems my blog can’t resist devolving into a special on holidays: I recently wrote a post about Labor Day and its origins. I did a piece on Columbus Day and its underlying ironies. And now, albeit a couple days late, I’m doing one on Halloween.

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In A Fair State of Mind

7 Oct

Last week, I was officially baptized Texan.

It didn’t occur at church.  Or work.  Or while traversing Downtown Dallas.

Instead, it happened the instant I entered the star-studded gates of Fair Park. Continue reading