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Tackling Financial Literacy

28 Oct

It’s like most football games on the market.  Players select their favorite team and rival.  And maneuver across the field in hopes of gaining a touchdown or securing a field goal.  But there’s one additional metric.  In addition to testing mouse clicks and speed, the game quizzes one’s financial knowledge.

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Toyota: Making Lemonade from Lemons

9 Mar

Toyota Trademark

“Never kick a man when he’s down.”

Don’t kick a company when it’s down either.  The recent outpour of support for Toyota in the midst of the recall controversy shows that consumers will rush to a company’s rescue when it is being bullied.  According to The Big Money, Toyota’s Facebook “fan base has actually grown by nearly 10,000 since the recall was announced.”

And instead of reflecting a Toyota pounding-session, where the conversation is dominated by the outraged and the disheartened, the Facebook page of the shamed company seems to reflect a mixture of anger and sympathy, with some loyalists vilifying the media for “over-hyping the recall.”

Across the world in Toyota’s birthplace of Japan, many locals echo this sentiment.  Continue reading