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Apple of My Eye

19 May

“I just want an apple,” the lanky teen confessed as he trailed me through the grocery store’s alley.

“You know what they say: An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” he recited flirtatiously.

I couldn’t help but shudder. The innocuous apple, the fruit famous for wooing teachers and warding away physicians, has been forever sullied in my mind thanks to a series of articles stumbled across while researching organic food. That discovery has made all apples the equivalent of Snow White’s to me: Poisonous. Dripping with venom. Deadly. Okay, so perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit. But studies show that the average apple has more pesticide residue than other fruit and veggies. Continue reading



27 Sep

Plastic Forks.

Plastic Knives.

Plastic Spoons.

“Where are the chopsticks,” I asked the Panda Express cashier. He pointed to a spot near the soda machine, barely visible, behind the napkin dispenser and a canister of straws.

Seated at a window table, I twirled the wooden sticks in anticipation as I stared down at the steaming plate of crispy orange chicken and Lo Mein before me–dusting off memories from the days when eating with forks wasn’t an option. Continue reading

Tastes Like Chicken

17 Nov

My neighbors have a pet rooster.  And about a dozen pet chickens.  I discovered this about a month ago, when I saw them scattered out throughout the yard—squawking and walking that peculiar walk that sends their heads lurching forward and their bodies following sluggishly behind.

I watch them with mingled sympathy and condescension.  Poor stupid creatures, I think as I watch them strut about, pecking at this and that.  Do they not know of the reason for their presence?  Are they not aware that a dreaded and horrible death lies ahead?

Continue reading