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The Cost of Independence

20 Sep

“You’re treating, right?” I asked with caution. The words awkwardly tumbled from my lips. It’s a question I have never had to ask a guy before. It was always assumed, implied in his request for an evening on the town. But with this guy, things were different. Continue reading


Dating Now-and-Laters

30 Apr

“A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest.”

This quote from some forgotten film haunted me as I resolved to end yet another romance.

It happens over and over again. Shonda meets X. X likes Shonda. And then things get complicated. I guess it’s my business genes, but I hate the thought of investing time and energy into someone that I simply can’t imagine growing up and old with.

Continue reading

Recruiting Prince Charming

20 Jul

“Tell me something about yourself,” he cooed over drinks.  It was a deceptively innocent request—one that hovered awkwardly in the air as I gulped down the last bit of water in my glass.

“Tell me something about yourself.”  Hours ago, a Boston company issued the same demand.  Then, I knew exactly what to say: I knew that roughly translated, it meant “Tell me something about yourself that will prove why I should hire you.”   Continue reading