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Returning Roger Enrico’s Investment

5 Jun

15530_817603988040_7446985245473508698_nOn Thursday morning, I received a tough text from my favorite high school teacher: Roger Enrico, the man who had put me and countless others through college, had died. The timing was uncanny. He was scheduled to have breakfast with me and about eight fellow Enrico scholarship recipients in Dallas on tomorrow, Monday morning. I poured over the articles in “The New York Times”, “Adweek” and “Wall Street Journal.” They all praised his legendary career and philanthropy. But that only scratched the surface.   Continue reading


The Importance of Losing

6 Mar

Cold eyes and pouted lips reigned at the high school fashion show as a sea of amateur models pranced before family, friends and judges. The objective? Steal the judges’ attention long enough to be voted the school’s top model.

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Dearest Sallie Mae,

18 Jan

Is education a right or privilege?

This question was raised months ago on my friend’s TOEFL practice test.

Then, I didn’t know the answer.

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A College and Its Students

20 Oct

What differentiates one institution from another?  The college’s brand: its legacy, its spokespeople (alumni and current attendants) and its media rankings.

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