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28 Mar

“Payless shoes ain’t go no grip, make you fall and bust your lip.”

This childhood chant certainly didn’t lift my confidence as my yellow Payless tennis’ slipped and slid along the mud-caked mountainside. After trekking through a section of the Great Wall of China, my classmates and I were offered a challenge: All who dared could hike up the side of a nearby mini-mountain to watch the sun rise. I tossed and turned on the large rock-hard bed that I shared with my three bunkmates in the Chinese village. Why not I figured, finally allowing the fear of missing out of on a once in a lifetime opportunity outweigh my unease about taking a virginal stab at hiking. Continue reading



27 Sep

Plastic Forks.

Plastic Knives.

Plastic Spoons.

“Where are the chopsticks,” I asked the Panda Express cashier. He pointed to a spot near the soda machine, barely visible, behind the napkin dispenser and a canister of straws.

Seated at a window table, I twirled the wooden sticks in anticipation as I stared down at the steaming plate of crispy orange chicken and Lo Mein before me–dusting off memories from the days when eating with forks wasn’t an option. Continue reading

Choke City Hopes to Rewrite History

2 Jun

Choke city. Thanks to the 2006 finals in which the Mavs lost to the Heat, that’s Dallas’ well-deserved nickname.

The city and its residents swallowed the bitter pill of defeat along with the Mavs five years ago. I can’t stomach it again.

Continue reading