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Returning Roger Enrico’s Investment

5 Jun


On Thursday morning, I received a tough text from my favorite high school teacher: Roger Enrico, the man who had put me and countless others through college, had died. The timing was uncanny. He was scheduled to have breakfast with me and about eight fellow Enrico scholarship recipients in Dallas on tomorrow, Monday morning.

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Cookie Cartel

8 Feb

In honor of National Girl Scout Cookie Day, I’m turning my little eye to organization’s $700 million dollar cookie business. Now that’s a lot of flour. 1,050,000 pounds to be exact.


According to Little Brownie Bakers, a division of Keebler owned by Kellogg specifically created to produce Girl Scout cookies, meeting peak season also demands a recipe of  300,000 pounds of shortening, 650,000 pounds of sugar,  230,000 pounds of peanut butter, 50,000 pounds of cocoa and 500,000 pounds of chocolate coating.

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Working Out Never Felt So Good

5 Sep

Bach blared from my car’s windows as I exited the freeway. Feet tapping the brakes, I slowed at the stoplight. Whispers from a neighboring vehicle’s  radio rode the breeze.

“Starships are made to fllyyyyyy,” sang the wind.

Moments later my classical music was supplanted by the beats and rhythm of Nicki, as I frantically began tuning the radio to my neighbor’s station.

 I waited until his jeep passed by when the light turned green to blast the song, singing along excitedly with my fists in the air.

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Praying for Mayer’s Miracle

18 Jul

By now, you’ve heard more than your fair share about Marissa Mayer, the pretty, pregnant, brainy blonde taking over Yahoo’s reins. As reporters scurry to dig up tales of the tech guru’s past, women beat their chests off in pride at Yahoo’s decision to name the mother-to-be  CEO three months before her first born’s due date and  business analysts cast their wagers on the likelihood of her success, I am simply soaking it all it in.  Continue reading


5 Dec

The scent of Rudy’s signature chicken wafted throughout the rattling city bus.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned while hungrily sniffing the air.

The culprit was a young girl with burgundy hair hunched over the front seat, guardedly nibbling away.

Gotta love it.

In Dallas, many jokingly dub it Rudy’s  “crack chicken,” because on any given day at any given time, rain or shine, passersby will find a faithful line of customers weaving down the meager restaurant’s stairs and a constant stream of cars in a drive-thru queue that almost always spills out into the bustling street. Continue reading

When I Grow Up. . .

21 Feb

A round of giggles shot through the public library. Slightly annoyed, I look up from my laptop, like a librarian glaring over her glasses’ rim. The culprits? One gangly girl, three rowdy boys and a wiry guy in his late 20s sitting at a nearby table.

A curious bunch indeed.

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