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Oh Alcohol. . .

18 Jul

Adults in a liquor store are like kids in a toy store. The analogy is even more obvious in a former Toys’R’Us with shelves  lined with wine, beer and hard liquor instead of Legos and Barbies. Surrounded by countless bottles gave new meaning to the age-old song “99 bottles of beer on the wall.” From afar, they all looked the same. Nothing but filled bottles. A mere commodity. Continue reading


A College and Its Students

20 Oct

What differentiates one institution from another?  The college’s brand: its legacy, its spokespeople (alumni and current attendants) and its media rankings.

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Designer Degrees: Looking Beneath the Labels

28 May

Notice: This post is one that has been tinkering in my head for weeks.   Thus, there are lots of digressions.  You have been warned.

Sniff. . .Smell that?  The sweet scent of hope tinged with the stench of reality signals the nearing end of graduation season.

A week ago, I joined the ranks of millions of 2010 college graduates, scads of students all vying to get our hands on the pieces of paper that we invested four years and thousands of dollars into receiving.  Alas, with diploma in hand, this quest is complete.  We have reached the pot of gold, the end of the rainbow, the emerald city.  For now, anyway. Continue reading