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Law & Disorder

18 Jul

Dang. Who can you trust when the lines between hero and bully, saint and sinner and savior and criminal blur?

In the Black community, it’s nothing new: Just like a record player scraping the exact same spot on a record, year after year, month after month, day after day, to no avail, the raw grating sound is no longer surprising.
The question simply becomes how to fix it?

Is it the worn record? Or the faulty player?

Is it Blacks that must act. . .hmmm. . .less menacing, suspicious and threatening? Or is it the job of society at large to no longer misconstrue Blacks as mere stereotypes, sound bites and “flashes” as Ryan Coogler suggests? Continue reading


Defining Beauty through a Tainted Mirror

2 Jun

“I see you getting a tan.  Better stay out of that sun, girl,” cautioned the security guard at the library near my parent’s house.

“I don’t mind,” I replied, with my Texas twang  firmly intact.

I laughed to myself, remembering the pride and accomplishment with which many of my Babson peers would return from Spring Break.  “Great tan,” would echo throughout the school, between multiple parties with freshly baked skin.

Oh how differently we define beauty. Continue reading