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Black Russian

12 Oct

“Order a White Russian,” a friend suggested over the pulsing beats of the club. The name made me giggle. A White Russian?  Now, that’s redundant, I mused. I had just spent a month in St. Petersburg. Though I certainly wasn’t the lone brown speck in the beautiful city, it often seemed that way. Continue reading



21 Sep

“Ah-pe-yee-do?” I read, dragging the word out in a way that would make any Spanish teacher cringe.

“Doesn’t that mean last name?” I asked the CVS cashier who had just handed me a reward card application. . .in Spanish, and pointed out the areas I needed to fill in.

I was embarrassed. Not only had my three years of high school Spanish failed me, but I was being reminded of its loss in a public. Can’t I get a frigging form in English?

Continue reading

Superwoman’s Kryptonite

12 Aug

Perhaps, I’ve seen one Law & Order episode too many. But while waiting on the downtown corner for the red light to change, the black luxury car pulling up at the intersection sent chills up my spine. I glanced its way as the driver beckoned a young, black girl to the window, asking for directions. As she offered him her version of the best route to the freeway, he interrupted and said something that made her giggle and say thank you.

“Because I don’t know you,” she responded coyly when he offered her a ride. Continue reading

He Who Laughs Last. . .

30 Jun

Perhaps you’ve met Ranjit and Chad, the Indian pitchmen for Metro PCS who use strong accents, offbeat humor and a catchy ethnic soundtrack to sell the phone’s services. While many debate whether or not the campaign’s stereotypes are racist, offensive, or in bad taste, I don’t ask that question. On the surface, they are all of the above. But once viewers realize the true significance of Ranjit and Chad’s slapstick routine, they’ll see that it’s the duo and their Southeast Asian brothers and sisters who are getting the final laugh. Continue reading

Ode to Self

8 Apr

Looking in the mirror
The face staring
Back at me,
Asking, “Am I beautiful?”
“Do you love me?”
At first, I dodge the pleading stare
Preferring instead
To allow another
More capable to respond
Day after day
It continues
–a cruel game of love unrequited—
A desperate charade. Continue reading

“All Art IS Advertising”

2 Mar

“Interesting. . .” I muttered aloud as I step back from the giant paint-splatter canvas to get a better view.  Twisting my head this way and that, I fruitlessly try to draw meaning from the abstract piece–as though viewing it from a certain angle will make the real message of the painting magically appear. Continue reading