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Those Who Can

11 Aug

My family grows teachers.  My dad’s a teacher. My mom’s a teacher. Aunts and cousins, too. But I’ve always wrinkled my nose at the profession. Probably a result of an ill-seeded “those who can, do; those can’t, teach” planted by some haphazard farmer years ago.

So instead of following my parents into the world of lesson plans and chalkboards, I decided to major in business management. All the world’s a business, my 17-year-old self reasoned.  I figured if I understood the basic principles, I could simply apply them to my actual interests and skills.  Ironically, my journey away from the family business has led me through the back doors of countless classrooms. One in particular still sticks with me.  Continue reading


He Who Laughs Last. . .

30 Jun

Perhaps you’ve met Ranjit and Chad, the Indian pitchmen for Metro PCS who use strong accents, offbeat humor and a catchy ethnic soundtrack to sell the phone’s services. While many debate whether or not the campaign’s stereotypes are racist, offensive, or in bad taste, I don’t ask that question. On the surface, they are all of the above. But once viewers realize the true significance of Ranjit and Chad’s slapstick routine, they’ll see that it’s the duo and their Southeast Asian brothers and sisters who are getting the final laugh. Continue reading

The Importance of Losing

6 Mar

Cold eyes and pouted lips reigned at the high school fashion show as a sea of amateur models pranced before family, friends and judges. The objective? Steal the judges’ attention long enough to be voted the school’s top model.

Continue reading