Mint, Rosemary and Basil

29 Oct

I’ve always wanted a garden. When I was a kid, I begged my dad to let us plant flowers. When he conceded, I happily tended to the plants for about a week until I realized how much work it entailed. Long story short, the flowers became my dad’s responsibility while I forgot about them in search of some other interest.

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Painting Pumpkins

29 Oct

20171021_160703Paper towels, wet wipes and water were the stars of this year’s pumpkin paint party. It should come as no surprise. Whether for paint-coated hands, hair or chairs (yikes), the all stars of cleanups are essential anytime the primary guests have yet to meet puberty. This wasn’t my first rodeo: It was my seventh.

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All That Glitters. . .

20 Aug


Pizza, fries and quality time with Zach Efron: that was all the most winningest gymnast craved after clinching her fourth Olympic gold medal on Tuesday.

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Returning Roger Enrico’s Investment

5 Jun


On Thursday morning, I received a tough text from my favorite high school teacher: Roger Enrico, the man who had put me and countless others through college, had died. The timing was uncanny. He was scheduled to have breakfast with me and about eight fellow Enrico scholarship recipients in Dallas on tomorrow, Monday morning.

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Zoe: Blue, Green and Regular Black

1 Apr


Last night, my guy and I watched “Drumline”. We laughed as quotes about “hot butter biscuits” and “one band one sound” slid off our tongues and marveled over the young Nick Cannon and Zoe Saldana in the 13-year-old film.

“She hasn’t aged a bit,” he awed.

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Newton’s Laws of Football

7 Feb

super-bowl-50Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Perhaps the best example of the law will be on display tonight in Cali. Every yard, tackle, fumble, interception, Omaha and dab will trigger a corresponding series of events towards the final score. Talk about pressure. Continue reading

Digesting the Daniel Fast

17 Jan

DanielfastI cheated. Yep. I’ll admit it. Monday, Jan. 4 was the first of a 21-day fast limiting my diet to only things that come from the ground. No meat. No dairy. Nothing “pleasurable.” That first day, after ordering a very sad chopped salad from Subway, I raced home and grabbed a handful of cookies. Continue reading