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Halftime Review: Behind the Scenes

8 Jun

Welp. It’s June. The sixth month of the year. The midway mark on the calendar. And I can’t believe it! The last five months have been insane–in a mostly good way.

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Drive-thru Jesus

1 Apr

Happy April and Happy Easter!

Spring is the season of fresh beginnings, new starts and do overs. Yesterday, I came face to face with my own incredible transformation.

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Blind leading the blind

3 Mar

Early Friday morning, I tried to relax as I soaked in the sights at the buzzing DFW airport. A couple next to me with two small girls giggled and joked as they awaited their fate on standby. A superdad proudly strolled about with a little one nestled into his chest in a baby wrap normally worn by mommys. Coolest thing ever.

Finally, it was time to board my section. As I merged into the line to board my flight to Boston, I noticed a couple a few heads before me: Each held a long metal rod in their right hand. The woman rested her left hand on the man’s right shoulder as he stood slightly before her, occasionally waving his guiding stick to know when to inch forward in the snaking line.

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2018: Year of Growth & Renewal

3 Feb

This year, my goal is for growth and renewal: grow beyond my comfort zone, grow my savings and knowledge, grow my brand personally and professionally, renew my drive, renew my passion, renew focus and yes, renew my energy.

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New Growth

8 Dec

Hair is a historically precious currency in the Black community–its length, style and texture was both the owner’s passport and credit rating.

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9 Nov

Justice should be easy to define. Fair. Equal. Those are terms we grow up hearing from pre-k. And justice for all caps the pledge that we recite from elementary school.

But the favored learn late what the unlucky learn early: Justice isn’t easy to embody or define. It’s not black or white, wrong or right. Instead it lives in hues of gray.

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All Seats are not created equal

5 Nov

Chris is obsessed with anything Marvel or DC Comics. And his obsession has become my own. Haha. “Thor Ragnarok” was the highlight of our week. We arrived about an hour early on Thursday evening to one of few movie theaters without pre-selected seating.

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