Newton’s Laws of Football

7 Feb

super-bowl-50Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Perhaps the best example of the law will be on display tonight in Cali. Every yard, tackle, fumble, interception, Omaha and dab will trigger a corresponding series of events towards the final score. Talk about pressure.Peyton-Manning-Poster-The-Sheriff-Jails-Felipe-Rios

The stakes are high. On one side, stands the Sheriff, with endorsements, experience, regular season success and respect to boot. The only thing missing is his badge. As he ambles toward the sunset, the Broncos vow to get him that ring.

“An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Enter Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Rowdy and unapologetically great. On the heels of Newton’s MVP win, they seek to cap their sensational season with the franchise’s first Super Bowl win.


I’m biased. Since my guy made me watch Newton in the playoffs a couple of weeks ago, I’m been obsessed with the man behind the huge smile and dance. I love watching people genuinely enjoy what they do and be great at it. Isn’t that every human’s goal? It’s certainly mine.

Full disclosure: I’m a Cowboys fan. Normally, post-season means nothing to me but another sad season for Dallas. Typically once the boys in blue get knocked out of the running, so does my interest. So why do I care? I love a good match-up. Close games. Drama. And honey, Hollywood couldn’t write a plot.

So who will win? Will Manning and the Broncos manage to finally nab the title? Will Cam and the Panthers dab their way straight to victory? In part, it will depend on the second law of a fellow Newton.

“Force equals mass times acceleration.” Football is part dance, brute force, part strategy and sheer luck. As CTE and its long-term effects on many of the league’s most touted clouds public consciousness, watching these men sacrifice bodies and perhaps their brains over chips and salsa seems a bit barbaric. Like a peg or three below the bloody spars in the Roman Coliseum. Whether the appetite for football wanes or grows, I look to the stars with a small prayer for the players: May the force be with them all.






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