Best Served Warm: Better Late than Never

23 Jan

yumPresident Obama’s State of the Union Address was peppered with nuggets that could have forced a hurrah or amen from just about every American: That was the goal, wasn’t it? To give people, whether rich, poor or middle class, LGBT, Hispanic, Black, Native American, Asian, White or as Ompa Loompa-orange as John Boehner, something to latch onto. But it’s a tall order: Serving dreamers, Selma, ISIS, free community college, free childcare, higher taxes on the wealthy, higher minimum wage and sexual liberties with a quote from the Pope to a room as polarized as oil and water sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Obama addressed the naysayers by offering an appetizer of the administration’s successes: lowest unemployment since the 90s, awesome gas prices and yes, health insurance arguably accessible to the masses. And don’t forget he won twice. For 59 minutes, the silver-tongued POTUS reminded us why.

Like picky children, the chamber sifted through the speech. Claps were budgeted, ovations were rationed, while Twitter and Facebook burped and rubbed its belly, savoring familiar whiffs of the change first ordered before the tinsel-haired President was gray. Hopefully, the meal will be ready sometime this lifetime.


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