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What’s Up, Doc?

8 Jan

I squirmed on the tissue paper, feet dangling in the air as I waited to ahhhhhhh for the doctor in the tiny examination room. All I had was a little cough and runny nose. But that didn’t keep me from getting antsy. The moments spent behind the closed exam door, staring at posters of the human anatomy and a massive bottle of hand sanitizer are always my most intense. As time crawls, tinkers with butterflies and then simply takes a nap, the shoe symphony plays in the hallway: the dragging feet of other patients like myself uneager to take their seat in a nearby room, the frenetic shuffling techs and nurses shepherding guests in the maze from scale to blood pressure station to room.  And now, the big finish, as the self-assured, not too fast or too slow stroll of the doctor is heard pounding the linoleum as he or she strides from one room to the next, pausing to read the charts and to summon a smile: What’s up, doc?