Drawer of Misfit Clothes

23 Nov

curtainAs the calendar charges full speed ahead to Thanksgiving, a holiday famed for leaving everlasting leftovers, I want to press pause and rewind back to October 31. That $7.6 billion dollar holiday definitely has a few leftovers of its own. Not just the cheap, molding candy. I mean a drawer-full of costumes from yesteryear that I have no idea what to do with. I can’t be alone: American adults spent over $1 billion dollars on costumes this year. Much more than we did on the kiddos, which says a lot. But what happens to costumes after their night in the limelight? A vintage catwoman dress with mask, a French maid uniform, a Firefighter woman dress completed with suspenders and now my newest addition, the Scarecrow dress and hat have no place in my daily wardrobe. If nothing else, I guess they’ll become a visual montage of the life of LaShonda, something my kids will laugh at one day. Something tells me, though, the special drawer their housed in is more likely to get its contents dumped into the trash than saved and cherished into parenthood.halloween 001

But it’s like the older I get, the more the holiday means to me. I grew up in a pretty strict Christian household. Apparently this picture is from a Christmas play and not Hallow’s Eve, but it’s the youngest one I could find of me in costume. The next I remember quite well. I loved Addy the American Girl growing up and decided to dress up as her for school. Now, I don’t know if it was actually Halloween or simply “Dress Like Your Storybook Character” Day, but I loved the dress my mom sewed specifically for the occasion. It was modeled after Addy’s signature red and white one. I topped it off with an apron and a cap I got featuring all of the American girls on my head.addy1 001


poolMy first real memory of dressing up for the 31st was in college. Even then, it was more, what can I find from my closet or someone else’s closet that can work. A pair of ears, a short plaid school girl dress were the simply items bought to bring everything together. My first costume I bought while in D.C. Halloween fell in the middle of an intense month-long training for a certain job and me and all my colleagues were so excited for the escape from reality, we went all out. I bought three costumes that year. Wore two of them, each to a different party.

This year, was much more laidback. My boyfriend’s bar was having a little costume party element added to its usual live jam session and I had to go. I mean, we were in the middle of a government shutdown, which spells escape to Neverland as soon and often as possible. I drove to the Party City across from my office and scoured the wall for something that would work: not too short or too long, but just right. Not too expensive either. At the very bottom of the wall, the “Sultry Scarecrow” costume hung. I was the 131021_0002very first person to try it on. Let’s just say, being made of straw doesn’t usually top a ladies’ Halloween wishlist. But I fell in love and rocked it. But now it’s just another addition to the drawer of misfit clothes.




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