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Fighting the Wind

20 Sep

Some of life’s greatest battles are fought far away from the world gun powder and fatigues. Instead they are against nature’s bullies. Wind, rain, fire, etc.

Seriously, how do you fight an opponent you can’t touch? Invisible, omnipotent forces make a heck of an enemy. I witnessed it firsthand as I watched tennis talent Serena Williams struggle against the swirling winds on the Arthur Ashe Court in this year’s U.S. Open Finals. The wind openly mocked her. It tussled her skirt and converted her usual one-hitter quitter aces into technicals as they crashed into the net or sailed out of bound.

About ¾s into the match, I watched as an obviously frustrated Serena morphed into one who had finally accepted the wind’s presence and adjusted accordingly. It was amazing. And she went on to win. How many of us are like Serena, knowing things are beyond our control but burrow their heels and fight against the inevitable anyway. It’s fruitless and a complete waste of energy. Continue reading