Reclaiming my Tongue

30 Apr

It’s been a month–nay, a month and two days to be exact–since I last attempted to write absolutely anything. In the chaotic hub-bub of daily life, it seems somehow, someway that (gasp) writing has somehow fallen to the bottom of this writer’s to-do-list. A dearly departed laptop (RIP), the birth of a new job and an undercover mission to nab a husband, MBA and billion bucks over the next couple of years will toss blogging to anybody’s backburner.

So then why am I here in the wee hours of the morning wiping the crusty sleep from my eyes while typing 10 words a minute beneath the glow of a five-year-old desktop screen. Because I miss hearing my own voice. Or rather seeing my voice on page. I was literally lying in bed, tossing and turning and simply became outraged with myself for giving up my tongue so easily.

And no–cutely crafted emails to coworkers or organizations I’m involved in don’t count.

I have raw thoughts that need to be seasoned, penned, edited and eaten or risk rotting. And If I have to sacrifice an hour or two of sleep to keep it in my diet, so be it.

If no one reads a single word I write, the knowledge that they exist in the everlasting galaxy of the internet offers some slice of solace, some sliver of promise of my offering to society.

So as the clock blares half past two, I’m up “eating my elephant” little by little, piece by piece, word by word.

Good morning.


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  1. marvin jones May 31, 2013 at 3:07 pm #



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