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A Christmas Story

25 Dec

Scents of turkey, pies and everything in between captured my family’s room this morning. Before we ripped apart the gifts under the Christmas tree (I felt like such a kid again), and between helping put the final trims on Christmas dinner and cleaning up the house in anticipation of afternoon guests, I paused to pen this story.

I haven’t named it yet but it’s based on a prompt on Writer’s that asked writers to write about following an elf on the shelf after they discovered he had stolen money from their wallet, in 500 words or less. I had trouble picturing myself or any adult following a wooden elf in pursuit of cash, but wrote my rendition below. Enjoy and merry Christmas everyone. Continue reading


Stranger on a Plane

13 Dec

Planes are flying boxes of chocolate: You never know what you’re going to get. When travelling to a destination layered with layovers, the odds are against you. The likelihood that you’ll land a seat next to that one type of person that you spend your entire life trying to avoid double. My flight to Las Vegas was a perfect example. Continue reading

Life in the Fast Lane

5 Dec

Cable Car

Sniff. Sniff. Smell that? That sweet aroma floating into your nostrils is the incomparable scent of freedom, independence, liberty and all things American: the new car smell. I became nearly drunk off the swigs of new faux leather emanating in the Texas heat as I drove off the Volkswagen lot a month ago. Continue reading