Surviving Sandy

29 Oct

Faced with the whirling winds and roaring rain as a vengeful Hurricane Sandy scurries up the East Coast, I had a matter of hours to grab the essentials before hunkering down in my motel room. I returned with three bags: one containing dinner from the Olive Garden, one with 4 bottles of 2 liters of water and a third with a six-pack of Smirnoff Ice. The latter surprised me. Never in a million years would I have placed alcohol on my survival shortlist. Yet, faced with a state of emergency, with water in one hand, food in another and a case of Smirnoff Ice stuffed inside my bag, I braced myself for the first hurricane I’ve experienced. I wasn’t the only one. The lady before me in the 7-11 checkout line had three wine bottles in tow. The man behind me was armed with a case of Bud Light. Lupe’s  “Food and Liquor” began to play through the recesses of my mind.

We have no clue how long we’ll be holed up in our homes as the winds rage and rain blows. The Federal Government is closed. The rail system has shut down. And the state-run liquor stores in Virginia had its doors open until reporters began asking questions.

It’s ironic yet completely expected. I’ve been looking for stats regarding alcohol sales before natural disasters/catastrophes. In a world ruled by man-made devices and comfort, God, Mother Nature or whatever you want to call it, is the one thing still able to confound us. He laughs at our little plans and he forces us to sit still and watch him work. Helpless, human and completely subject to his whim, we wait, turning to prayers, survival techniques and yes, sometimes alcohol for comfort. I have embraced all three. Cheers to that. 


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