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28 Aug

The slivered moon grinned as we crossed the vacant parking lot. The wind tugged softly as I paused to digest the city’s skyline, a swirling silhouette of green, amber and blue.

“Come on,” he beckoned.

Breaking the city’s trance, I followed him into across the street and scaled a cement staircase, where a chorus of trees swayed softly in the night’s breeze. Fountains were all around. Fountain Park it was called. As glimmers of light danced in the streaming water, he grabbed my hand and led me over to an empty bench.

It was absolutely beautiful. And an absolute nightmare. Continue reading


Time for School, Suckers!

27 Aug

“School’s back,” the grocer bellowed with excitement, eying the poster board in my hand. 

He waited for an AMEN from me, assuming me to be an equally excited parent ready to thrust my brats  into the nearest yellow school bus. I shook my head and laughed.

In my home, the first day of school was always Christmas without the tree, a sacred ritual of new beginnings, fresh starts and unsharpened pencils. The night before I tossed and turned in anticipation, always woke up super early eager to show off my new clothes and supplies. This year, though I’m years removed from yellow school buses and uniforms and dread the return of school zones, that same back-to-school anticipation still runs through my home. Continue reading

Face Value

20 Aug

I’ve been mulling over this whole Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone debate for a while now. My initial reaction was similar to most. Zoe as Nina? Say it ain’t so. Like most, my resistance was by no means a slight against Saldana or her skills as an actress. In fact, she is one of my favorites. After reading a spunky feature on her in Ebony magazine last September, I’ve come to respect her drive and strategic choices for roles that will take her career to the next level.

“When I go after a part, [people] better watch their backs,” she says. “Not because I’m going to crush everybody, but because I’m going to give the best that I can because I strive for excellence. When you don’t get a part, it is for a reason, and these pieces will fall into place soon. … We have a Black president right now, so why the f— would I sit down and talk about how hard it is for Black women in Hollywood when there’s a Black president in my country?” Saldana was quoted as stating. Continue reading

Cops & Robbers

19 Aug

 “Be good or I’ll have the police come and get you,” I overheard a mother tease her young daughter as an officer loomed in the distance. The little girl squealed like her mom had just threatened to sick the Boogie Man on her. I chuckled when she burrowed  her head deep into her mother’s dress as the officer drew closer. In some communities, officers are a monster of sorts. Nearly a month ago, a Dallas man was shot by a police officer. Now, the man killed was no saint. He had an extensive record and was running from an officer while simultaneously fighting him, according to reports, when he was murdered.    Continue reading

Olympic Claim to Fame

13 Aug

“Google me. I was in the Olympics,” the muscled gent oozed as he extended his hand. I know it’s cheesy, but I couldn’t help teeter as I stood in the parking lot, floored to be meeting an athlete ambitious enough to compete against the world. Who cares that he didn’t win? Most participating  athletes will never have the chance to gnaw into a medal of their own

Take the London games. Less than 10 percent of the 10,000 participating athletes will tow a medal home. For people like the boastful boxer, memories must suffice. They return uncelebrated to the anonymity of their everyday realities, with only the smallest waft of victory yet taunting their nostrils.  It’s still an accomplishment; Most of the world’s 7 billion occupants could never stand a chance. I certainly couldn’t. But I had loved watching others try.   Why do they do it? Fame? The challenge? The satisfaction of being able to declare yourself temporarily the world’s best?
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