Oh Alcohol. . .

18 Jul

Adults in a liquor store are like kids in a toy store. The analogy is even more obvious in a former Toys’R’Us with shelves  lined with wine, beer and hard liquor instead of Legos and Barbies. Surrounded by countless bottles gave new meaning to the age-old song “99 bottles of beer on the wall.” From afar, they all looked the same. Nothing but filled bottles. A mere commodity.

The labels and marketing decide whether the filled bottles cost $5 or $500. Whether through glossy ads in a magazine, flashy commercials, billboards or product placement with some of the world’s biggest stars, a brand’s success rests on recognition. Unknown brands don’t stand a chance. Unless, of course, the name itself raises eyebrows.  Mine is Bailey’s & Malibu, brands that I’m quite faithful to. Malibu was the first liquor I ever tasted. A mentor in college suggested I try it. I can’t remembered how I was introduced to Bailey’s. My favorite wine is Moscato, a brand I met while dating my first love.

What’s your favorite brand? Why?


Year of the Alcohol

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Top 10 Liquor Brands


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