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24 Jul

 “What do you think would happen first: a hamburger on the menu, or a Chick-fil-A opening on a Sunday?” Ad Age writer Ken Wheaton quizzed Chick-fil-A Vice Prez of Marketing David Salyers back in 2010.

“Definitely a hamburger on the menu. Not even close,” Salyers replied.

“There are more important things in life than just selling another chicken sandwich, or making another dollar.”

A company where a marketing executive can say unflinchingly that honoring the Sabbath is more important than the bottom line definitely stands out from the crowd. Continue reading


More Fearsome Than Fiction

22 Jul

 “Please don’t let some idiot come in here acting crazy,” I silently prayed as the hum of voices filled the movie theater. The dark thought crossed my mind moments before the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” began in an old, cheap Dallas movie theater with two auditoriums full of eager fans: parents with tots in tow, fawning couples, and gangly gangs of teenage guys and gals all gathered in anticipation. I glanced at the police officer pacing up and down the aisles with reassurance. That in a movie theater across the country, an audience actually was subjected to my fleeting nightmare is still hard to swallow.   

Movies are the cheapest round-trip ticket one can take to another time and place. Want to fall in love? Be scared witless? There’s a movie for that. But each and every time as the credits roll and the lights slowly rise, the trip ends and the monsters, villains and heartthrobs are all locked away in the projection screen until the next showing begins. With that, and a lazy stretch, the audience readily returns to the real world. Today, the world mourns for the dozen that didn’t. 

My prayers are with those in Aurora.

Praying for Mayer’s Miracle

18 Jul

By now, you’ve heard more than your fair share about Marissa Mayer, the pretty, pregnant, brainy blonde taking over Yahoo’s reins. As reporters scurry to dig up tales of the tech guru’s past, women beat their chests off in pride at Yahoo’s decision to name the mother-to-be  CEO three months before her first born’s due date and  business analysts cast their wagers on the likelihood of her success, I am simply soaking it all it in.  Continue reading

Oh Alcohol. . .

18 Jul

Adults in a liquor store are like kids in a toy store. The analogy is even more obvious in a former Toys’R’Us with shelves  lined with wine, beer and hard liquor instead of Legos and Barbies. Surrounded by countless bottles gave new meaning to the age-old song “99 bottles of beer on the wall.” From afar, they all looked the same. Nothing but filled bottles. A mere commodity. Continue reading

Stop and Smell the BBQ

3 Jul

BBQing is therapeutic, I noted as I lounged beneath the stainless sky catching wafts of hickory smoke escaping  the charred grill. Think about it. It’s an activity squarely between man and nature, where all of the troubles of the world temporarily subside and the biggest dilemma is shooing away rebellious flies and knowing when to flip the chicken, beef and pork. Continue reading