Ode to Dad

17 Jun

This post is a short, sweet shout-out to all of the fathers, especially my own. Thanking my dad for being the boyfriend screen whose mere presence made ill-fated potential suitors quiver. Thanks for killing any intruding mosquitoes, water bugs or other pests that made me shriek when they sought refuge in own home. Thanks for telling me I was beautiful, so that now when it comes from anyone else, it’s without surprise. And thanks for supporting my dreams, no matter how wacky.

Yesterday, at the crowded mall, I grinned as I spotted tons of fathers pushing strollers, carrying kids on their shoulders or in arms. It ‘s the most beautiful sight ever. A couple of my own paintings try to capture that tenderness. 

I’m still a newbie at this whole painting thing, so I love learning from the masters. I randomly stumbled upon a postcard promoting Cbabi Bayoc’s “365 Days with Dad” series in my Zumba class and nearly shrieked. It is so cool. The series features a new painting of fatherhood for every day during the year 2012. Each one promotes and showcases the honorable role of fatherhood. Here are just a few of his cool images paying homage to dads. There are many more on his website. Enjoy!



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