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Apple Pie, Hot Dogs & Baseball

29 Apr

Who can dispute America’s  trinity?

Isaac Newton’s red muse tucked and steaming inside a flaky golden crust. A fusion of every meat scrap from the butcher’s floor laid a bed of bread. And the manna from sports heaven, baseball. All things beautiful and wholesome and, yes, American, are linked to this longsuffering game of tosses, catches and swings.

Or is it?

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Show and Tell

16 Apr

Are you an artist?”

The man’s salt and pepper beard leaned forward expectantly as he awaited my response. It’s a question I’ve gotten before—typically when I have my sketchpad or some other obviously artsy supply in tow.

“Just killing time,” I’ve always replied to anyone asking the same.

But that morning on my way to work, I was without the telltale signs of charcoal-smudged fingers or paint-spattered clothing.

“How can you tell?” I finally asked, stumped.     Continue reading

Case of the Waiting Donuts

15 Apr

“One of these things is not like the other.”

I hummed the song softly while surveying the room. To my left, like ducks in a row, a rainbow-colored group of men and women sat attentively scribbling  as a small, round brown woman offered instructions. Continue reading