Green Beer & Hoody Hoos

20 Mar

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  ~Dr. Seus

“Alright, single ladies! Who’s miserable?” a guy joked from behind as he eyed the five of us trembling in the snaking line outside the bar on St. Patty’s Day. It didn’t bother me. I was too busy wiggling to snatches of songs as music escaped from the revolving doors. After working an eight-hour shift at the mall, there I was, heels and all, tired but eager to savor a much-needed break from the work, sleep, repeat routine I’d been following religiously for the last few weeks.

I wasn’t there to find a boo. I was there to swig some green beer, let down my hair and enjoy myself, if only for a couple of hours: I did have to be at work at 10 the next morning. After downing the night’s special and swallowing back tears over a much too large shot of Jose Cuervo, I could care less about anybody’s feelings. I snickered while pushing away an unwanted dance partner, smirked as I swatted  a wandering hand from my waist. I felt invincible, fearless even and gladly accepted the role of bodyguard for myself and the entire group.

 It was hilarious, but one gent in particular certainly didn’t like it. I don’t blame him. After he refused to stop harassing my friend, I summoned the security officer flirting with another friend over to shoo him away.

Moments before, the crew-cut donning officer had confided that “Hoody Hoo” was the code word that would send him to any lady’s rescue.

“I didn’t hear Hoody Hoo,” he joked.

He didn’t have to wait long: “Hoody ****ing Hoo!” I boomed moments later.

The guy walked away, called me something not nice to one of his friends.

And then more words from me that I won’t commit to print followed.

Who’d have thunk? I have always been the protectee, the person that somebody else stands up for. When I was little, I remember getting on the school bus, somebody saying something mean and some little random kid that I didn’t even know standing up for me by countering the boy’s words with an even wittier response. It’s always been that way. For some reason, people see me and deem me someone in need of protection. And I always simply accepted it.

But over the last two years, though the school of life, I’ve finally learned that to let someone else take up for me was hurting myself. I had to learn how to be my own protector, lobbyist, etc. And it’s been so liberating. Whether warding off a drunken loser, sticking up for some underdog or simply demanding proper respect for myself, I have not regretted a single word.

He who does not have the courage to speak up for his rights cannot earn the respect of others.
 Rene G. Torres quotes


2 Responses to “Green Beer & Hoody Hoos”

  1. T March 20, 2012 at 4:09 am #

    Lol. Already.. Hoooty hoooo!!!!


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