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Eating the N-Word

24 Jan

“This n—-.”

“That n—-.”

 “My n—–.”

The notorious noun peppered the words of a group of Hispanic teens on the city bus. It’s a word I’ve heard countless times: from the rowdy kids on the corner, from my grandma as she dismissed a sketchy passerby, from a Black college president deriding the pettiness of naysayers. I’ve used the term myself from time to time, especially when referencing a certain ex.

In all honesty, Blacks in my generation have adopted the n-word like an ugly step-sister–someone we can tease, mock and deride all day long, but won’t dare let anyone else utter a word against. We dress her up, gave her a quick makeover by dropping the ‘er,’ adding an ‘a’ and supplanting the ‘g’s with ‘c’s’ and voila: She’s ours. Continue reading