Rain Dance

19 Dec

It was one of those days: You know, those once in a blue moon 24-hour Murphy’s Law Days completely dedicated to fighting the elements.

My white flag was waved when I arrived at my evening gig soaked to the bone, bra and all. I still don’t know whether to blame my missing umbrella, my genius decision to simply walk to the mall rather than wait an extra 10 minutes for the next shuttle, or the rain men who saw fit to start a monsoon-worthy downpour when I was literally smack, dab and in the middle of nowhere with no place for shelter.

As my shoes swished and slid across Macy’s hardwood floors and added to my coat’s trail of dripping water, I hurried through the sparkling clothes to the nearest bathroom to evaluate the damage.

Staring into the mirror, I saw that my face was now completely makeup-less, that my freshly groomed hair now hung limply across my shoulders and that my favorite suit was clammily clinging to everything beneath it. I thought back to my abrupt run from the house this morning, getting lost for 20 minutes in route to a school literally 5 minutes away.


I summoned the courage to walk into my store, presented myself in my sodden clothes to my managers and asked to be allowed to go home. The clothes themselves would be fine. My attitude, however, needed some serious recovery. I’d willingly forfeit the day’s wages for that.

On my way back home, I tried to find the silver lining. I had been on the go since 8 this morning. Monday is deadline day for the paper, so literally every moment before I headed to the mall to work was spent either polishing my current stories or researching info for future ones.

I needed a break. Perhaps the sudden downpour was the result of a subconscious rain dance my spirit was desperately channeling.

Perhaps next time it’s cloudy and I can’t find my umbrella, I’ll just buy another one.


2 Responses to “Rain Dance”

  1. Jordan... December 19, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    I’ve definitely experienced a day like that before… 🙂


    • lcooksmarketer1 December 20, 2011 at 5:48 am #

      Thanks for writing, Jordan. Hopefully we’ve both gotten our share of such days out of our system for 2012.


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