28 Nov

“I feel like a used condom,” one government official mused upon learning that he had been manipulated by another in R. W. Johnson’s South Africa’s Brave New World. I have been working on this 600-page book since the sticky days of summer, flipping through its dense, but well-written highlights of the flagrant acts of nepotism and corruption in the “rainbow” country post-apartheid in stops and starts.

I think I’m now on page 342.

Needless to say, the vulgar simile stuck with me. I rolled over laughing when I first read it, but long after I had first perused the words on page, the phrase remained. It’s an odd saying that many could easily relate to. I certainly can. Feeling needed and desired one moment and tossed aside, discarded and forgotten the next characterizes a great host of human interactions. It’s applicable both professionally and personally.

Here’s where I would normally lead into another sappy love story gone wrong. Well not tonight. Tonight I’ll spare you my drama.   I’m sick of it myself.

I just  really like that quote. (And the cool cartoon to the left).



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