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27 Sep

Plastic Forks.

Plastic Knives.

Plastic Spoons.

“Where are the chopsticks,” I asked the Panda Express cashier. He pointed to a spot near the soda machine, barely visible, behind the napkin dispenser and a canister of straws.

Seated at a window table, I twirled the wooden sticks in anticipation as I stared down at the steaming plate of crispy orange chicken and Lo Mein before me–dusting off memories from the days when eating with forks wasn’t an option. Continue reading



21 Sep

“Ah-pe-yee-do?” I read, dragging the word out in a way that would make any Spanish teacher cringe.

“Doesn’t that mean last name?” I asked the CVS cashier who had just handed me a reward card application. . .in Spanish, and pointed out the areas I needed to fill in.

I was embarrassed. Not only had my three years of high school Spanish failed me, but I was being reminded of its loss in a public. Can’t I get a frigging form in English?

Continue reading

The Cost of Independence

20 Sep

“You’re treating, right?” I asked with caution. The words awkwardly tumbled from my lips. It’s a question I have never had to ask a guy before. It was always assumed, implied in his request for an evening on the town. But with this guy, things were different. Continue reading