Skin Deep

3 Aug

“What do you use on your skin?” the woman mouthed from across the pew. “Even my cousin from out of town had noted how pretty your skin is,” she whispered from beneath her billowing church hat.

I was shocked. You see, I had surrendered my battle against acne years ago. The medicine cabinet at home still holds my abandoned collection of  Proactiv, Neutrogena, and Clearasil bottles–all victims of my persistent pimples. Despite a relatively healthy diet and only the occasional Coke and candy, acne and their resulting blemishes have always been  frequent visitors.

It wasn’t until college that I discovered the magic of make-up. I learned to hide behind my Mary-Kay Bronze 504 and Fashion Fair Tawny Glo Foundations . I would not leave the dorm without it. Ever.

My fate began to change a year ago. The Fashion Fair saleslady that I saw religiously every couple of months introduced me Organicare. That day it was marked 40 percent off and boasted of organic ingredients. I tried it. It worked. Soon, I was hooked.

Unfortunately, the love affair came to sudden halt a few months later when Dillards discontinued it.

Soon, my old friend, Mr. Pimple, returned with a vengeance. Talk about heartbreak.

While shopping at my local Anne’s Health Food Store, I ran across the Home Health care facial products. It had unassumingly plain package,  only cost $16 bucks for the cleanser and the blemish product , and claimed to be made from largely natural ingredients.

“Is this stuff any good?” I asked a passing salesperson.

Despite assurances of its greatness, I was still skeptical.

But, I gave it a try. Three months later, I’m  getting compliments from random strangers. I must admit, the Texas sun is partly responsible. Home Health’s true test will come when the winter turns my bronzed skin pale and reveals everything the summer sun has concealed. And I can’t guarantee that it will work for everyone: It seems to be particularly helpful for people with oily skin.

But to be comfortable donning my naked face–without foundation: That’s a joy I had not known for years.

So, of course, I told the woman about this miracle product. And was sent to grab some for her as well. The Sunday after, she floats into the sanctuary, literally glowing, raving about the facial products. She eagerly forks over another $20 and asks if I will grab a set for her friend.

Now, I don’t normally promote products on here. And I don’t plan to make a habit of it. But this stuff is affordable, effective and made from largely natural ingredients. And that’s something worth sharing.  

Really, it’s all  about self-preservation: I’m just trying to make sure it remains on Anne’s shelves.


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