Abracadabra. . .Champions?

14 Jun

The frenzied clack of computer keys echoed as horns and screams spilled into my bedroom window. Yawn.  The Mavs did their job. And I must do mine. The clock read 9:00 a.m. when I finally clicked send Monday morn.

But the sleepless night could not mar the Midas bubble encircling the city. We are champions, darn it. And everyone was feeling golden.

Who cares if I didn’t personally win a trophy or get a hefty bonus or land in media spotlight. So what, my life didn’t become magically Disneyified when the game clock read zero.

Lebron was right: the lives of nonplayers were not fundamentally altered by the fate of the Finals. If your life was pitiful in Dallas before the finals, unless you bet money on the unpredictable team, your life will most likely continue to do so. If your life in Miami was fabulous before the Finals, unless you wagered dough on the Heat, that won’t change.

Or will it?

My sister sobbed when the Mavs lost in 2006.  Surprise, surprise, fans actually get emotionally, if not financially, invested in their  teams. I can’t explain it. Perhaps in a week or two I’ll have thought of an insightful explanation for this phenomenon.

Monday, my coworker entered into the office wearing a huge smile.

Our boss asked her the run-of-the-mill “How are you today?”

An emphatic “GREAT!” was her response.

“What’s so great about it?” my boss, a Heat fan, inquired.

“Today, I woke up a champion,” she replied.

Being a championship city makes even the most mundane lives glitter with promise and wraps everyone in pixie dust clouds that whisper anything is possible.

Look at the Mavericks.

Their most beloved player is a 7 foot German. Two of its key contributors were a 5 foot 9 Puerto Rican and a 38-year-old. That alone defies every accepted logic, myth and assumption about the game of basketball.

Dallas was a purgatory for players many deemed mere has-beens and wanna-bes. We compared them to the Looney Tunes team battling the indominable Monstars in Space Jam.

What makes the win so inspiring is its underlying message. Teamwork beats Megastars. And determination trumps talent. Not that the Mavs are lacking. Each piece of the roster’s puzzle offered his unique contribution. What the Mavericks prove is that knowing your strengths and using them for the greater good is an unstoppable combination.

Now, the entire city is catching Mavs Mania.

Stores thrust open their doors in the wee hours of Sunday night, so that fans could grab proof  of the triumph. Newspapers marking the victory flew off the stands. And yes, you can bet I was in on the action. I braved the crowd at Dallas’ premiere mall to nab a championship shirt. And ran around looking for one final copy of that dern newspaper.

Best believe I will be counted among the throng of thousands partying in the streets for the team’s parade, the plans for which have been collecting dust since 2006.

Congratulations to my Mavericks! So proud.


One Response to “Abracadabra. . .Champions?”

  1. tctornado June 15, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    The “hateration” on Lebron is getting on my nerves too. Hello 🙂


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