Gift by Alice Walker

4 Jun

Okay. Okay. I know you’re tired of hearing me vent about my love life. After this post, I won’t bother you again with my tales of heartbreak and heartthrob for another month. Pinky swear!

But I simply love this poem. Walker is one of my fave authors. A little eccentric, but what writer isn’t.

This poem was in a book entitled, “Her Blue Body Everything We Know.”

It contains Walker’s poems spanning back to her early  college days, when she studied abroad in Kenya  and her life as an activist protesting the South’s Jim Crow Laws.

This one details a chapter from her complicated love life. It helps me remember that relationships are supposed to be mutually-beneficial.

If only one person reaps all of the benefits, if only one person is giving wholeheartedly while the other is selfish and self-absorbed and simply takes all that is offered without offering anything in return, it is destined for failure.

It’s  entitled “Gift.”

“You intend no doubt

to give me nothing,

and are not aware

the gift has already been


Curse me then,

and take away

the spell.

For I am rich;

no cheap and ragged


but a queen,

to rouse the king

I need in you.”


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