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He Who Laughs Last. . .

30 Jun

Perhaps you’ve met Ranjit and Chad, the Indian pitchmen for Metro PCS who use strong accents, offbeat humor and a catchy ethnic soundtrack to sell the phone’s services. While many debate whether or not the campaign’s stereotypes are racist, offensive, or in bad taste, I don’t ask that question. On the surface, they are all of the above. But once viewers realize the true significance of Ranjit and Chad’s slapstick routine, they’ll see that it’s the duo and their Southeast Asian brothers and sisters who are getting the final laugh. Continue reading


Wake Up and Dream

22 Jun

“The whole point of education is to replenish the system.” These simple words from a stranger rocked my core. Replenish. Not upgrade. Replenish. Like inventory, products that simply are restocked when one batch depletes. People as products is a harsh analogy. But is it true? Continue reading

Day of the Afterthoughts

19 Jun

This year, Father’s Day and Juneteenth fell on the same date. Coincidence? I think not. Synching the holidays celebrating the emancipation of Texas slaves and dads across the nation is quite fitting. Both holidays celebrate history’s forgotten. Continue reading

Kids (Really Do) Rule

17 Jun

I was one of a quarter million who braved the scorching Texas sun to go to the Mavericks parade. Crazy? Perhaps.

But the event drew fans like honey. Dallasites young and old swallowed car exhaust and sunrays in hopes of catching a glimpse of the NBA’s conquering heroes.   My mom, cousin and I arrived two and half hours early and nabbed front row seats to the action.

After gathering a morning’s worth of evidence, I would like to propose that “like a kid at a parade,” be added next to “like a kid in the candy store,” in the world’s book of analogies. Being trapped in a crowd of standing adults sounds like the makings of  childhood nightmare. Oh contrare. Their tiny sizes are all access passes to the best seats in the house.

Continue reading

Abracadabra. . .Champions?

14 Jun

The frenzied clack of computer keys echoed as horns and screams spilled into my bedroom window. Yawn.  The Mavs did their job. And I must do mine. The clock read 9:00 a.m. when I finally clicked send Monday morn.

But the sleepless night could not mar the Midas bubble encircling the city. We are champions, darn it. And everyone was feeling golden. Continue reading

Detour Down Memory Lane

8 Jun

A quick trip in and out was all I’d planned. But fate had something else in mind.

The store was buzzing with activity. Gingerly weaving between patrons, I trekked down the familiar aisles and raced back to secure my spot in the winding checkout line.

 Pitter-pattering my feet with impatience as the line crept forward, I searched for a worthy distraction. The neighboring bottles of fruit juices, wooden canes and organic candy would have to do. I was tinkering with a cane that boasted of ties with Africa, when an older lady with a regal air floated into line behind me. I turned, curious to learn the shopper’s identity. Not a flare of recognition. I offered the pretty lady a southern smile, a grin that says I don’t know you but hello, and returned to fiddling with all the merchandise within reach. Continue reading

Gift by Alice Walker

4 Jun

Okay. Okay. I know you’re tired of hearing me vent about my love life. After this post, I won’t bother you again with my tales of heartbreak and heartthrob for another month. Pinky swear!

But I simply love this poem. Walker is one of my fave authors. A little eccentric, but what writer isn’t.

This poem was in a book entitled, “Her Blue Body Everything We Know.”

It contains Walker’s poems spanning back to her early  college days, when she studied abroad in Kenya  and her life as an activist protesting the South’s Jim Crow Laws.

This one details a chapter from her complicated love life. It helps me remember that relationships are supposed to be mutually-beneficial.

If only one person reaps all of the benefits, if only one person is giving wholeheartedly while the other is selfish and self-absorbed and simply takes all that is offered without offering anything in return, it is destined for failure.

It’s  entitled “Gift.” Continue reading